Log and Manage
Information from your
On-Stite Team

Bitacora.io enables hundreds of teams in the field
capture exploit their data through reports and analytics.

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Bitacora Features

Transform how you work in the field with data and technology.

What's your day like with Bitacora.io?


Digitize and organize all your data from the source.


Time to transcribe and collect field information.


Advanced searches for your information in real time.

60 hrs

Hours saved to generate reports.

Up to date.

Know the progress and obstacles as they happen.

3 min

Time to know project status.


Historical knowledge base powered by A.I.


Response for Troubleshooting.

Something for everyone!

• Supervision

• Inventory Control

• Legal Work Log

• Spending and Revenue Control

• Documentation

• Personnel Log

• Progress Reports

• Access Control

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$ USD / Month / User

  • Custom


    Adjusts to your
    company's needs.

  • Enterprise
  • All in ADVANCE +
  • Dedicated Support
  • Experto Training
  • Custom Solutions
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Contact Us
  • $5


    Make your data work,
    be more productive.

  • Advanced
  • All in PRO +
  • Report Templates
  • Version Control
  • Notifications
  • IA - Analytics
  • Pro Support
  • Request Invitation
  • $3.5


    Capture and create Reports
    fast and easy.

  • PRO
  • All in FREE +
  • Load Files and Fotos
  • Audio to Text Logs
  • Add Users
  • Asign Roles
  • Advanced Search
  • Export your Data
  • PDF Reports
  • Start with Free PRO
  • $0


    Start logging
    with text.

  • Free
  • One user
  • Text only
  • Unlimited logs
  • Download

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You may be asking...

Does it work if I'm offline, without Internet?

Yes, just log in to your account once and start logging.

If you loose Internet, your data is stored in your device and is synced up to the cloud once you gain connection again.

What type of information can I capture?

You can log any comment, onservation or progress as as General Log or capture specific events like Inventory movement or Personnel activity.

Can I create reports or export my data?

Yes, you can do advanced searches in your information, by key word, tags, dates and more, and generate PDF or Excel Reports, customize them with logos, aditional text and templates.

Capture and manage your on-site data in real time like many teams are doing now to leverage on their data and accelerate key processes.